Vinpower RipBox DVD / CD Ripping Station with Software

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Vinpower RipBox DVD/CD Ripping Station with BPR2000 Lite software

Media Supply now offers the Vinpower Digital RipBox Optical Disc (CD, DVD) copy and ripping stations based on the Cube series duplicators. The RipBox units are automated systems with a robotic transport arm that connects to a computer via USB. They can be operated through various software applications like Vinpower's BPR 2000 Lite, a third party freeware (i.e. ImgBurn), or even through the users own proprietary operation software that can be adapted to controller the RipBox units through an SDK with Vinpower.

Basic Operations:
Flexible operation modes: Works as an automated duplicator.

System Advantages:
  1. Automated Robotic Operation: System runs duplication through a robotic interface allowing for hands free lights-out operation.
  2. Copy Protection Capable: Optional feature available to provide DVD video copy protection to greatly diminish the ability for unauthorized duplication and ripping proprietary content

Ripping Support:
  1. Provides Data Ripping: All files and folder structure is cloned to your hard drive
  2. Supports Audio Ripping: Able to rip music files onto a PC hard drive
  3. Supports Archival Back-up
  4. Provides Disc Image Ripping: Discs are cloned to your hard drive/servers as Disc Image file(s). It reduces the file cluster greatly and provides simplified archival solution.
  5. Supports Job Queues: Provides the ability to queue multiple jobs for unattended operation of multiple different duplication and or printing assignments
  6. Supports Multiple Job Queues: System is able to maintain multiple job queues for several users so that each individual user can maintain their own dupe and print files for use at a later date
  7. Multi-master read-in support: Users can read-in a stack of masters and create ISO images

Software Features:
  1. Provided Publishing Software: The unit comes with the BPR2000 Lite software which supports the broadest set of features and capabilities.
  2. Third Party Software Support (Optional): RipBox hardware can be controlled through many third party software's for added convenience and ease of use.
  3. Software update Available: Able to update proprietary software and firmware for future functionality
  4. Extensive Log File: Maintains an extensive log file of the systems operations for easier troubleshooting if needed ( All jobs are auto logged)
  5. System error notification: System will email listed users notifications when jobs have been completed or to report any potential error conditions that may arise

Robotics Operation:
  1. Hi-speed 24/7 operation: Able to perform constantly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without fear of overheating with quick reliable robotic operation.
  2. Friendly Interface: All job functions and system alerts operate in an easy to use and similar user interface for convenience and ease of use

To view or download the Vinpower Digital RipBox Datasheet, click HERE

Media Supply offers the Vinpower Digital RipBox CD, DVD and Bluray Automated Optical Disc Duplicators. If you have questions about the Vinpower Rippers and Duplicators, please Call Media Supply at 888-544-3222 or Send Us and Email.

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