CMC Pro - Powered by TY (Formerly JVC Taiyo Yuden CD) WaterShield Glossy White Inkjet CD-R - Carton of 600 Discs

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CMC Pro 48x WaterShield Glossy White Inkjet CD-R
Powered by TY

Quantity: 600 discs (12 packs of 50 discs)
Capacity: 700mb/80 minutes
Burn Speed: 48x

Premium, water and scratch resistant glossy white inkjet printable CD-Rs, powered by trusted TY technology!

Frank says,The first thing you'll notice about Watershield CDs is they cost a bit more than standard CMC Pro inkjet blank CDs, and a lot more than anyone else's white inkjet disc. That said, these might not be the disc for everyone. So lets go over why these might be the discs for you. First, if color matching is important, then these are the inkjet discs you want. Watershield brings out the color in inkjet printing like no other disc, and lets your 4800 dpi inkjet printer show its true ability. The glossy surface even makes it stand out more. If you have corporate clients that are really particular about matching colors, then this is the way to go. Secondly, the glossy surface really is water proof. We've tested these for CMC Pro, for customers and for ourselves, and they really don't smear, smudge or run when they get wet. Finally, once a client sees a disc printed with a Watershield surface they really don't like going back to a matte surface print. It's actually a great tool to use to boost your business. Just send samples of your disc on Watershield out to your regular clients, and you'll see how many respond asking for that print surface. It really does make your disc look great, and the print quality exceeds even magazine quality print.

CMC Pro Powered by TY 80m WaterShield Glossy White Inkjet CD-R
Carton of 600 Discs

Print with offset quality from your inkjet printer!

With CMC Pro's WaterShield CD-Rs, powered by TY technology, you can create beautiful glossy & waterproof CD-Rs from any inkjet printer. The printed discs you'll create with CMC Pro Watershield CDs will just blow you away. The glossy finish and color will make the artwork on the DVD movies you buy look cheap. WaterShield blank CD-R media is the best way to ensure your discs stay protected from harsh everyday elements. Developed by Taiyo Yuden, the inventor of the CD recordable disc, WaterShield CD-Rs discs repel water and protect from wear and scratches. It will work with Primera, Rimage, Epson and other direct surface inkjet printers.

WaterShield CD-R hub-printable media features the very same recording qualities as any CMC Pro disc. With the world's widest record and playback compatibility, you're assured a great disc, delivered perfectly every time.

Printing Instructions: These discs have a special treatment on the outer edge of the label side, so the recommended print area is 25 - 116.5mm.

Note to Consumer: JVC/Taiyo Yuden stopped manufacturing its high-quality DVDs and CDs on 12/31/15.

The good news is that these CMC Pro - Powered by TY Watershield white inkjet printable CD-Rs are now available. "Powered by TY" means that CMC manufactures these CDs using authentic Taiyo Yuden dye material and manufacturing processes, the technology behind the Taiyo Yuden blank CDs that for years set the quality standard for all blank discs. Once all our JVC/Taiyo Yuden products are no longer in-stock, equivalent "Powered by TY" products, like this one, will replace them. Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

About Powered by TY products
The Taiyo Yuden brand is known to professionals for its virtually nonexistent failure rate and universal player compatibility. Normally sold in large quantities to professional disc publishing houses, these discs are available to everyone in small and large quantities at Taiyo Yuden manufactured the first CD-R disc. As one of Japan's largest chemical companies, Taiyo Yuden worked with Sony and Phillips to produce the dye material that stores the data on CD-Rs, and today, these Powered by TY CD-Rs feature this proven Japanese dye technology.

Media Supply Part Number: CTY14711
Old Media Supply Part Number: JVC14711, TYD80WSH
Manufacturer Part Number:T-CDR-WPP-SB-WS1
Old Manufacturer Part Number:JCDR-WPP-SB-WS1
UPC: 678621010991
Old UPC: 046838041020
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