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Rimage has discontinued the 5410N Copy Station!
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Rimage Copy Station

The Photocopier for CDs and DVDs

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The Rimage Copy Station is a modified Rimage 5410N with an integrated camera and touch screen user panel. Working with a very simple interface, the Copy Station easily makes working copies of DVDs and CDs - both the data and the label.

This is how the Copy Station works:
After the user loads the machine with his or her masters and blank discs, the integrated camera takes a picture of the master disc’s label and generates a print file from the image. While the machine readies the label, it rips the content from the master and burns it to a blank disc. The Copy Station then loads the burned copy into the printer and prints the image. The Copy Station effectively acts like a complete photocopier for discs, so not only is the data copied from the DVD or CD, but the label is copied as well.

Check out these samples (click to enlarge):
Sample Original Sample Copy

Sample Original Sample Copy

Copy Station Copies
Of course, this system also has all the basic disc publishing tools available in the standard 5410N. To learn more about the 5410N, click here.

The touch screen panel mounted on top of the Copy Station has a simple interface for novice users. On the display is a choice of "Copy Discs" which takes the user right into an interface similar to a photocopier.


This solution has been tested in real life situations. Rimage recently sold a group of these systems to the US Department of Justice, which has the systems working in the field.

Click here to read the Rimage Copy Station brochure (184kb PDF)

Places the Rimage Copy Station can be used:

Law Firms making disc copies for court records
Businesses looking to Archive Data
Banks making copies of important records
Broadcasting archive and legal copies
Copy shop uses (Corporate Internal or Retail)

Real Life Examples

Radio Network
One of our customers came to us looking for a way to make copies of studio recordings that were called into evidence in a court proceeding. They presented us with 2000 discs that were either hand-printed or thermally-printed. As part of evidence for a case they need 2000 exact copies of each disc. The Copy Station enabled us to load up these discs and automatically make copies of not only the recording, but of the disc label as well. The Copy Station took what would have been an expensive, laborious task and completely automated it.

Bank Records
A large regional bank contacted us with a 6000 disc special project. They had archived data on discs and they wanted exact copies of those discs to store at an offsite facility. The discs all had hand-written labels, with catalog info and dates. These records had sensitive financial information, and for us to provide the service for them, they would have needed to send the discs to us by bonded courier. The Copy Station was a more realistic alternative for them, reducing the cost and risk involved with outsourcing the project. Each disc could have the print surface and data duplicated on-site, with no requirement for special programming or training.

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