Rimage Everest 400/600 Blu-ray Media Kit - 500 (white) BD-R, 1 CMY Ribbon, 1 Retransfer Ribbon

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Rimage Everest 400/600 Blu-ray Media Kit - 500 (white) BD-R, 1 CMY Ribbon, 1 Retransfer Ribbon

Old Part #: 3001510

Guaranteed quality from the first disc to the last!

Rimage media kits deliver guaranteed performance with matched, prepackaged quantities of discs and printing ribbons, which means you'll have the exact amount of ribbon to produce the number of discs in your kit.

Rimage Blu-ray Media Kit Key Features

  • Convenient, reliable and competitively priced
  • Consistent publishing performance for all discs in the kit
  • Data life guaranteed by Rimage
Rimage Blu-ray media kits from MediaSupply.com offer superior performance and exceptional convenience at a competitive price - just what you'd expect from the world leader in quality publishing solutions. Designed for the Everest's stunning color, amazing speed, and unprecedented durability. Rimage Everest 400/600 Blu-ray media kits bring you industry leading quality, reliability, and the fastest write speeds available, disc after disc - packaged for performance and convenience.

Make a great impression by creating your Blu-ray Disc presentations and products with Rimage media. Because your digital media is as important as your corporate literature, Rimage printable media is engineered to achieve an exceptional, professional look.

Guaranteed by Rimage. Rimage Everest 400/600 Media Kits provide all the supplies you'll need to produce the highest quality discs in one convenient package. Each kit is a matched set of printing supplies and discs. You'll never run out of one component again.

*Rimage changed its media kit part numbers in April 2014. Rimage no longer offers different media kits for the Everest 400 and Everest 600 printers. Now, Everest 400/600 media kits work interchangeably with both Everest 400 and Everest 600 printers. Please check carefully to ensure you are ordering the correct media kit. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email.

Video Demos - Rimage Everest

Changing the Printer Ribbon

Changing the Transfer Ribbon

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