Microboards HCL-4000 High Volume DVD/CD Duplicator

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Microbords HCL-4000
Robotic Autoloader-Perfect Solution for Large Bulk Jobs

The New Microboards line of HCL Autoloarders are large capacity DVD Duplicators which are a solid solution for customers requiring unattended DVD Duplication. The HCL-4000 had 4 DVD/CD Recorders and 1000 disc capacity. These are standalone DVD Copiers, requiring no PC for operation. For unattended disc duplication runs, let the Microboards HCL Autoloader handle the work load.

One of the most consistent requests we receive from our duplicator clients is for an automated copier that will dependably complete their jobs overnight. Nothing in the world of duplication causes more headaches than setting up a large job to run overnight, and returning the next morning to discover the copier stopped 20 discs into the project. The HCL-4000 seeks to eliminate this frustration. The HCL-4000 is designed for lights-out operation, with a large capacity of up to 1,000 discs and robotics optimized to perform unattended operation. The picker mechanism has an anti-stick feature, which helps prevent discs from sticking together in drives, a great feature when leaving a machine of this size to run overnight. This unit is not only perfect for large single-master jobs, but also features a user-friendly Multi-Master mode, which makes it easy to complete several small projects in one night. If you're looking for speed, the HCL may not be the best choice. The many features which make the unit so reliable for lights-out operation, also make it more of a marathoner than a sprinter. It's not ideal for pumping out a few hundred discs in a hour. The little that the HCL-4000 sacrifices in speed, it more than makes up for in reliability. If you are looking for unattended, large disc capacity use, this is the DVD/CD duplicator for you.

Make note that the Microboards HCL series isn't integrated with a printer, so there aren't the alignment or software issues that you might have when using another manufacturer's printer. When working in large volume requirement, its always wiser to separate your printing from DVD/CD copying anyway.

  • Four 24x DVD Recorders
  • Complete standalone operation: No PC required
  • Maximum 1000 disc capacity
  • Multi-Master Recognition Technology (MMRT): Loads multiple masters at once to run multiple duplication jobs in succession.
  • Sticky media separator option: Higher probability to separate sticky media.
  • Multi-Language capability for English & Spanish
  • Auto-Counter Technology: Displays the total number of discs successfully copied compared to desired output for each project.
The HCL autoloader is also available as a Blu ray duplicator.
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