Rimage Prism III AutoPrinter

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Rimage Prism III AutoPrinter

Rimage's exclusive thermal transfer technology is designed specifically for your monochrome CD or DVD printing tasks. The Prism III employs an indelible thermal process with no drying or curing time. It has rugged durability for 24-hour, 7-day use. Each disc will print full coverage in less than 10 seconds and your production cost will be under 4 cents per disc!

The Rimage Prism III AutoPrinter comes with Rimage's state of the art Producer series robotics. These robotics are driven by a closed loop servo motor system and a reinforced, toothed belt. The picker rides on roller bearings and slide rails and takes only 2 seconds per movement.

CD-Designer label creation software is also included with the Prism III This software allows you to import graphics and text. Features include serialization, bar codes, and data merging capabilities. However, you don't need to be limited to the tools provided because the printer works well with industry-standard graphics and design software.

One unique aspect of the Prism III when used in a suitable Rimage system, is its Perfect Print feature. Perfect Print enables you to print variable data such as names and account numbers on a disc that has already been silk-screened.

An optical sensor in the Rimage transporter detects a small index mark that is silk-screened in the index ring along with your silk-screened design. The transporter then rotates the disc to the correct orientation so your customized printing will always be aligned with your original silk-screened artwork. Be sure to check out our video demonstration of the Perfect Print feature!

The Prism III comes loaded with special features:

  • Ribbon Saver - Reduces ribbon waste by using only the amount needed for printing, lowering printing cost and maximizing throughput.
  • Printhead Integrity Check - Automatically tests the printhead printing elements ensuring high quality images.
  • Ribbon Validation - Monitors ribbon usage and indicates when ribbon capacity is running low.
  • Cleaning Mode - Allows you to quickly clean the entire printhead surface using the Prism cleaning pad.
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