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Rimage has discontinued the 2000i!
Check out the new Rimage Allegro
or contact Media Supply's Rimage experts at 800-944-4237 to discuss the best Rimage disc publishing solution for your organization. now offers FREE SHIPPING on all Rimage 2000i DVD/CD Publishers to the Continental US!

Frank says,I've always liked the Rimage 2000i, and now that Rimage has stepped things up a bit on this product, there's even more to like. The 2000i has always been a great solution for customers looking for unattended, 100 disc duplication without any user intervention, thanks to its reliable, simple automation. Units like the Primera 4100 series integrate the picker arm in with the print head assembly, where the Rimage borrows from their continuous duty Producer series in this design. Rimage added USB 3.0 for a faster connection (recommended if you go with a Blu-ray recorder) and they include the Rimage Software Suite, which is a great deal if you are looking to connect your 2000i to your in-house network and queue up dupe jobs from multiple users. They also added a single recorder and two recorder Blu-ray option, which combined with the great robotics and Rimage software, makes the 2000i a practical archiving system. The inkjet printer in the 2000i is an HP printer, so you'll love the print quality and the efficiency of the print. You won't be wasting a lot of ink using the 2000i.

New features on the Rimage 2000i Series II Disc Publisher:

  • Rimage Software Suite - Network included - no separate software to buy for network connectivity
  • USB 3.0 compatible
  • Blu-ray compatible models available
  • Mac compatible with WebQD software (network client software - 2000i must be hosted on a PC).

Rimage 2000i Series II DVD/CD Publisher

Until recently it seems that a lot of the other inkjet disc publishers out there might have passed the Rimage 2000i by. Sure, it was still probably the inkjet disc publisher that was the most reliable, but some of the competitors passed this product by. Primera has crazy fast print speed and easy setup, and Epson has super low print costs and real solid mechanisms. Well Rimage stepped things up a bit to meet those competitors, and the result is the Rimage 2000i Series II. It still has a really sturdy, reliable autoloader and HP print engine. But with the Series II Rimage has added lots of features that move it back to the top of the list.

  • The Rimage software suite now comes with the unit. This use to be a $995 add-on, and there's a lot of value here. Other companies claim to have all kinds of cool networking capabilities, but Rimage's whole business model is built around it. With the Network Software Suite you can queue up jobs easily, integrate with 3rd party software and have multiple users access the unit like a network printer.
  • USB 3.0 is now built in. Most of the other makers of disc publishers haven't even knocked on this door yet.

The Rimage 2000i DVD Duplicator incorporates inkjet print technology and flawless burning drives to efficiently and automatically duplicate your DVD or CD master discs. Using a well designed pick mechanism along with simple, tried and true and robotics, this Rimage duplicator is a robust machine designed to provide reliable, hands-free operation for years. Unlike many other systems in its price range and above, the Rimage 2000i uses an integrated Hewlett Packard printer, eliminating alignment and color matching issues. The HP 4800dpi print engine on the Rimage 2000i creates wonderfully clean, crisp graphics from your high resolution original images. With Rimage's Software Developer Kit you can tie your 2000i to custom applications using APIs or Rimage's Messaging Architecture, integrating your own front end to the Rimage 2000i, or having it work off your webserver. The Rimage 2000i also features two DVD/CD Recorders (Blu-ray compatible models also available).

Download your 2000i PDF here!

Download the 2000i spec sheet (pdf)

Maintenance Agreements
Rapid Exchange

A Rapid Exchange contract offers you your own "spare system." If equipment problems cannot be resolved over the phone, a replacement unit will arrive the next business day (if it is ordered before 2:00 PM Central Time). You keep the replacement unit and return the malfunctioning system to Rimage 2000i within 5 business days. This agreement includes all non-consumable parts and labor. Includes software updates and business hours phone support.

  • 1st year upgrade: $631
  • 1 year post warranty: $1019
  • 3 years of coverage: $2183
  • Minimum PC Requirements

    Supported OS:
    • 32-bit platform
      • Windows 10
      • Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate
      • Windows XP Professional SP3
      • Windows Vista Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate edition with SP2
    • 64-bit platform
      • Windows 10
      • Windows 7 Ultimate, Enterprise, and Professional
      • Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard
    • Mac compatible with WebQD software (network client software - 2000i must be hosted on a PC).
    • Dual core processor
      (Core i3 or i5 recommended)
    • 2GB minimum
      (4 GB recommended)
    Fixed storage:
    • Two 7,200 RPM hard drives with 200 GB free space on each drive
      (RAID 0 configuration with 400GB of free space recommended)
    Removable storage:
    • CD/DVD-ROM
    • 1024 x 768 screen resolution, 16-bit color

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