Primera Upgrade Discount Program - Bravo 4100 Series

This has to be one of our most popular offers from any make of disc publishers. Lots of our customers use Primera Bravo duplicators, and they are really great systems. They work right out of the box and they are simple to set up and get running fast. But, like a great old couch or a favorite pair of jeans, sometimes things just wear out. If you've gotten to the point where your Primera Bravo Duplicator or Bravo Autoprinter is now older than your child in kindergarten, and you spend more time babysitting it, then here's a great deal for you. Media Supply and Primera are excited to offer special discounted upgrade pricing on Bravo 4200-Series printers and publishers and Bravo 4202 XRP publishers.

Upgrade Pricing:

Eligible Primera Bravo Models Regular Price Upgrade Price
Bravo SE 3 AutoPrinter $995 $835
Bravo SE Disc Publisher $1495 $1265
Bravo SE-Blu Disc Publisher $2195 $1845
Bravo 4200 AutoPrinter $1995 $1675
Bravo 4052 Disc Publisher $2495 $2105
Bravo 4052 Blu Disc Publisher $2995 $2515
Bravo 4201 Disc Publisher $2995 $2515
Bravo 4202 Disc Publisher $3295 $2775
Bravo 4201 Blu Disc Publisher $3495 $2945
Bravo 4202 Blu Disc Publisher $3795 $3195
Bravo 4202 XRP Disc Publisher $3795 $3195
Bravo 4202 XRP-Blu Disc Publisher $4995 $4195

Here's how the upgrade process works:

  1. Media Supply will contact Primera to pre-verify the serial numbers of potential upgrade customers.
  2. Primera makes all final determinations regarding upgrade eligibility.
  3. Media Supply's free shipping offer on Primera equipment does not apply to this upgrade program.
  4. Once you place an order and receive your new publisher, Primera will mark your old system as decommissioned, meaning that it will no longer be eligible for technical support or repairs.
  5. You do not have to return the old system to Primera, you may do whatever you like with it.

Have questions? Need to place an order? Please feel free to email us or call 1-800-944-4237 and select option 2 for more details.