Church and Ministry Duplication and Printing Solutions

Church and Ministry Solutions

Distributing CD and DVD discs of your service to your congregation immediately after the service doesn't have to be an expensive or laborious task. You can be very successful with minimal equipment and proper preparation.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Label Your CDs or DVDs
    Media Supply recommends printing directly to your discs to add another protective layer to the recording layer and to prevent the peeling that occurs with paper labels when the discs are exposed to the heat of the players. Pre-printing your discs allows you to copy them quickly, right after the completion of your live event. See our selection of Disc Publishers and Printers
  2. Record Your Service
    You'll need a CD or DVD recording device to record your live service to a Master Disc. Learn how to use it to best advantage in your venue. These recorders will create a high quality master from your churches' sermons and music.
  3. Burn Your CDs or DVDs
    The quickest and most economical way to burn lots of CDs or DVDs is with a Disc Duplicating Tower. Towers can burn from one to 20 or more discs in a matter of minutes. The size you buy depends upon your particular situation and the quantity you will need. View our Duplication systems, click here.
  4. Package Your CDs or DVDs
    From Jewel Cases and DVD boxes to C-Shells and Paper Sleeves, Media Supply offers many types of DVD and CD packaging products to protect your discs and provide a professional appearance. You can keep it simple or get as elaborate as you choose. View our Disc Packaging options!

And that's all there is to it. Follow this simple procedure and you'll be ready with your finished CDs or DVDs as your congregants are walking out the door!

For ministries that require more storage capacity and portability, USB Flash drives are the best option. USB Drives are being used to store Bible readings, Church conference materials, Choir music, Sermons, the entire teaching of the Bible and more. Media Supply has the USB solutions for you!

For in-house USB Flash Drive duplication, Media Supply offers many options for USB Drive Duplicators.