FalconMedia 700mb/80 Minute 52x Smart Glossy White Inkjet Diamond Dye CD-R - Carton of 600 Discs

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FalconMedia 80 Minute/700mb 52x Smart Glossy White Inkjet Diamond Dye CD-R

Glossy, Hub Printable with Silver Bottom
Quantity: 600 (6 packs of 100 discs)

Glossy prints from your inkjet printer, on a CD at this price? You won't believe your eyes!

FalconMedia 52x 700MB Diamond Dye CD-Rs offer the most reliable storage solution, designed and manufactured to match all professional user requirements. This is a very nice product for those looking for a replicated appearance with the diamond dye silver recording side and a glossy inkjet print.

Falcon's Smart Glossy inkjet print surface offers superior ink absorption, best in class ink drying, full color, glossy photo quality printing, consistent printing across the full surface for excellent uniformity, excellent black / white contrast with economical ink saturation setting, wide compatibility on all standard professional inkjet printers, and good handling characteristics for smooth operation with leading robotic duplication and publishing systems.

For beautiful, glossy prints from your inkjet printer at the best price, get Falcon Smart Glossy CD-Rs from Media Supply. Click the "Add to Cart" button above, or call 1-800-944-4237 to place your order!

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