Vinpower MiniLoader VDX-1-BD Automated Bluray Duplicator

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Vinpower Digital MiniLoader VDX-1-BD Automated Bluray/DVD/CD Duplicator with 2TB HDD

At Media Supply, we know that you have felt that you could use the convenience of an autoloader when copying Blu-ray discs but didn't have the quantity to justify the need or investment? The Vinpower MiniLoader VDX-1-BD will eliminate all doubts. Whether you duplicate 2 or 3 discs at a time or 50 to 100 a day, the MiniLoader VDX-1-BD is the most affordable and compact disc autoloader on the market. With 50 disc capacity and 1 Blu-ray recording drive, the MiniLoader VDX-1-BD gives you the ability to work on other matters with the confidence that your project will be duplicated quickly and reliably, completely unattended. You get all this for a price competitive with a standard manual tower duplicator. Do not be confined by your duplicator, let the MiniLoader VDX-1-BD free you to increase your potential.

Key Features:

  1. Complete Standalone Operation:
    No PC required to operate the duplicator.
  2. Reject Bin:
    System can automatically discard discs that did not burn properly, ensuring the defective discs are not mixed up with your successfully copied discs and does not disrupt the job by remaining in the drive tray until it's manually taken out.
  3. Supports all currently available recordable Blu-ray media (BD-R & BD-R DL) including Double layer:
    Can duplicate Single Layer 25GB BD-R/RE and Double Layer 50GB BD-R/RE Formats.
  4. Supports all currently available DVD media including Double/Dual layer:
    Can duplicate Single Layer DVD±R/RW and Double/Dual Layer DVD±R Formats.
  5. Auto DVD Format Conversion:
    Can convert media between DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW automatically.
  6. Large disc capacity:
    Copies up to 50 discs per run.
  7. Multi-Master Recognition Technology (MMRT):
    Can load multiple masters at once to run multiple duplication jobs in succession.
  8. Disc Alignment Protection Feature:
    Automatically ejects and closes the tray when the media wasn't properly placed.
  9. Auto-Copy feature:
    System starts duplication process automatically by assuming the 1st disc in the input bin is the master disc and remaining are the blanks.
  10. Supports Manual Duplication Mode.
  11. Continuous Hard Drive Partitioning:
    The HDD partitions are created without limitations using the same amount of space as the actual content size on the disc. No longer do you have to worry about loosing valuable HDD capacity because your duplicator allocates the exact space required without wasting space like standard partitions on other controllers.
  12. Supports all common CD Formats with Additional Special format including CD-TEXT, ISRC, Over-Burned CD.

MiniLoader VDX-1-BD autoloader features Multi-Master Recognition Technology (MMRT). Traditionally, autoloaders can only handle one duplication job at a time and additional manpower is needed to load a new duplication job (ex. Load new master disc, insert more blank discs, etc.) Now, with this totally revolutionized auto-master recognition technology, the MiniLoader VDX-1-BD can handle multiple duplication jobs per run by itself. For example, if you want to make 2 copies of job A, 4 copies of job B, and 3 copies of job C. Traditional autoloaders will only process one job per run and need someone to load job B and job C to the autoloader. However, with the MiniLoader VDX-1-BD featuring MMRT, it will process all three jobs sequentially per run by itself, without the need to load and reload additional master disc. This process affords the user more time to dedicate to other matters rather than keeping a constant eye on the autoloader.

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