Verbatim Shiny Silver

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The Verbatim 94797 is a silver lacquer CD-R similar to the Taiyo/JVC and it features Verbatim/MKM's exclusive "Super Azo" recording dye. The "Super Azo" dye records and plays beautifully and has excellent sensitivity to drive laser light but excellent resistance to atmospheric light.

Verbatim 94797 has an ideal surface for screen printing, Rimage Prism thermal printing as well as markers and labels. The center hub of the disc is smooth, so its used by some of our key clients for center hub screen printing. Its not metalized to the center hub, but there is no reverse indent of the stacking ring.

The product is well packaged in a spindle cake box and case quantities of 400 discs.

Verbatim Diamond CD-Rs use a special dye in the recording layer that makes recorded discs look like professionally pressed CDs. This makes them ideal for duplication projects that require the manufactured look, but don't meet the minimum order requirements of most CD replication houses.