U-Reach PRO218 Portable 1-2 SATA/IDE HDD Duplicator

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U-Reach Mini Series SATA/IDE HDD/SSD Duplicator and Sanitizer 1-2 (PRO218)

The U-Reach PRO218 Carry HDD Mini Duplicator is a stand alone, high speed, portable and convenient device designed to copy hard disc drives. There is no computer required or complex software to operate. It supports high data transfer speeds of up to 9Gb per minute, which helps you back up data more efficiently.Quick copy mode can analyze and copy only data contained area. Other features include quick erase, full erase and DoD standard erase. The light weight portable design of carry series offers the convenience for users. It will be your best HDD backup partner for engineers or small office users.

1) Supports HDD 1 to 2 copy.
2) Copy speed of 9 GB/min.
3) Auto skip up to 6000 error sectors of the HDD
4) Auto power control protects your HDD (HDD is only powered during operation)
5) Supports 2.5", 3.5" SATA HDD, SSD and IDE HDD via IDE_SATA convertor (1 piece IDE to SATA adapter-TB1529 included)
6) Supports 3 different duplication modes: Quick Copy (System & files), All partitions and Whole HDD
7) The Quick Copy mode supports: Linux(EXT2/EXT3/EXT4), NTFS, FAT16/32. GPT and Dynamic HDD Also, it copies only the data and systems area, which highly increases the copy efficiency.
8) Auto detects and shows the bad sector quality
9) Lightweight portable design

To view or download the U-Reach Mini Series Datasheet, click HERE

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