Rimage Allegro CD Media Kit - 600 CD-R (white), 2 All-in-One Ink Cartridges

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What comes in this media kit?

This Rimage Allegro Media Kits contain 600 white inkjet printable CD-Rs and two All-in-One Allegro ink cartridges.

Media Kits Overview

Rimage Media Kits offer superior performance and exceptional convenience at a competitive price, just what you'd expect from the world leader in quality CD/DVD publishing solutions. From the Allegro's stunning color and amazing speed, to world class printing from your desktop, Rimage meets all your data publishing, duplication, storage and printing needs. Rimage Media Kits bring you industry leading quality and reliability, and the fastest write speeds available, disc after disc - packaged for performance and convenience.

Make a great impression by creating your CD/DVD presentations and products with Rimage media. Because your digital media is as important as your corporate literature, Rimage printable media is engineered to achieve an exceptional, professional look.

Why buy Rimage Media Kits from Media Supply?

Economical to Use - Rimage printable media is designed for uniform coating on every disc, and that means complete ink coverage and longer lasting print head life. Bundled pricing keeps the cost-per-disc low.

Brilliant Color Results - Printable media matched precisely to your printer's specifications gives you accurate, exceptional results. Achieve the finest detail for the highest resolution and optimal color quality on one disc or hundreds.

Convenient - Rimage Media Kits provide all the supplies you'll need in one convenient package to produce the highest quality discs.

Guaranteed - Rimage Media Kits are guaranteed not once - but twice!

Pick, clamp, record and print guarantee: Rimage guarantees these discs to both print and record to the end user's satisfaction if they are properly handled and maintained. Rimage will, at its option, replace the media and printing consumables or give a refund of the purchase price should Rimage Media Kit components fail to print and record properly. See the Rimage Media Kit Limited One Year Warranty for a complete explanation of the warranty and terms and conditions, including exclusions, minimum returns and other limitations.

100 Year Data Guarantee: Based on the results of longevity testing by our media manufacturer, Rimage warrants that each disc from Rimage Media Kits will last and will retain its data for a period of 100 years. The media should not be exposed to extreme climate variations, direct sunlight or other damaging conditions. Please see the full text of the Rimage 100 Year Warranty for complete details.
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