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What makes Rimage the industry leader for optical media publishing?

  • The numbers are staggering! Click here to see the Rimage stat list.
  • Leading thermal disc printing technology - The first technology patents around thermal printing were issued to Rimage in the ‘90s, and ever since, Rimage has continued to refine and improve its thermal printing technology to deliver durable, high-quality, sharp, photo-realistic images. Click here to learn more.
  • API and network software expertise - Networking is at the core of Rimage software, allowing users to monitor and control systems remotely, tie multiple systems into a single workflow or integrate with 3rd party applications. To learn more about the capabilities of Rimage's powerful network software, click here.

Media Supply has Rimage automated publishers to meet the needs of any organization.

If you need a disc publisher for your small business, school, church, or large corporation, Media Supply has a Rimage system that will work for you. Call 1-800-944-4237 and select option 2 to speak with one of our Rimage experts.

Rimage Trade-In Discount

Do you have a Rimage system that has come to its end of life for service support? You may qualify for a trade-in discount of up to up to $6,000 on a new Rimage Disc Publisher.

Need more information on End of Service Rimage products? Click Here.

Looking for pricing on renewing your Rimage service contract? Click Here.

Rimage Media Kits from MediaSupply offer superior performance and exceptional convenience at a competitive price.

Rimage Maintenance Agreements, Warranties, and Equipment Recertification

3D Workflow and Blu-ray

Film & Movie enthusiasts drive demand for Blu-ray Workflow solutions

The demand for Blu-ray discs is rising, driven mainly by the lower cost per terabyte, high compatibility and the long archive life of BDR. This demand goes well beyond the movie enthusiast, and Rimage Blu ray solutions lend themselves to many applications.

At the recent International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam, Rimage showcased its technology integrated with the new Panasonic Ag-3DA1, the world's first FULL-HD 3D Camcorder. AG-3DA1 recordings were automatically authored, archived and stored on Blu ray discs in real-time at the Rimage booth. Blu ray media systems from Rimage take the abilities of BDR discs beyond just HD playback, offering fully automated 3D Blu ray authoring, different methods of compression, and efficient workflow integration.

Media Supply works directly with Rimage's product engineers to develop solutions for clients looking to complete archiving workflow, including transferring files, creating proxy clips, adding metadata, physical storage and easy search within raw content. Call 800-944-4237 option 2 for more information on Rimage video workflow solutions.