Rimage Producer V Disc Publishing Systems

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What makes Rimage the industry leader for optical media publishing?

  • The numbers are staggering! Click here to see the Rimage stat list.
  • Leading thermal disc printing technology - The first technology patents around thermal printing were issued to Rimage in the ‘90s, and ever since, Rimage has continued to refine and improve its thermal printing technology to deliver durable, high-quality, sharp, photo-realistic images. Click here to learn more.
  • API and network software expertise - Networking is at the core of Rimage software, allowing users to monitor and control systems remotely, tie multiple systems into a single workflow or integrate with 3rd party applications. To learn more about the capabilities of Rimage's powerful network software, click here.

Media Supply has Rimage automated publishers to meet the needs of any organization.

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The Rimage Producer V 8300 Disc Publishing Systems

Best in class CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc publishing systems that combine rugged durability and professional direct-to-disc printing!

Producer V is the most powerful disc publishing system ever from Rimage, engineered for round-the-clock performance. By combining Rimage's industry leading Everest Encore and Prism III disc printers, professional recording technologies, and industrial grade robotics, Producer V publishers meet the world's toughest CD, DVD, and Blu-ray publishing challenges. Producer V allows users to take full advantage of Rimage Software Suite, included software that has everything needed for on-demand publishing of professional-looking, high-quality CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs.

1 - Filtered Positive Airflow
Filter traps dirt and debris for reliable performance even in challenging environmental conditions.

2 - LCD Display
Provides real-time status on the system, ribbons and discs. Line 1: System name or IP; Line 2: Ribbon prints remaining; Line 3: Bin configuration (ex. CDR or BDR); Line 4: Number of discs in each bin.

3 - Front-Access USB 3.0
Easy data transfer for walk-up use.

4 - Integrarted DiscWatch&trade Status Light
Visual monitoring of disc production process. Decreases system idle time.

5 - Lockable Door

6- Robotic Arm
Patented single-plane radial robotics for fast, reliable transfers,. Parallel recording and printing increases disc throughput.

7 - Internal Disc Recorders
Four quick change optical disc recorders. Choose 4 CD/DVD or 4 Blu-ray® recorders.

8 - Front Removable Storage
One SSD for the Operating System for the fastest responsiveness, three 500 GB HDDs for RAID 0 caching.

9- Four 100-disc Bins
Bins are configurable as input or output. Status display shows bin assignments.

10 - Embedded Computer (8300N only)
Intel Core i5-7500 processor with 16 GB or RAM.

11 - Connection Panel
Two 1 GB Ethernet, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, DVI, Audio

12 - Rimage Thermal Printer
Everest Encore printer provides full-color or monochrom phot-like quality printing at 600 dpi. Choose Prism III monochrome direct thermal printer for fast, low-cost printing.

13 - 100-disc External Output Bin
Increase output capacity. Visual monitoring of job progress. Allows internal bins to be set to 100% input (400 disc capacity).

14 -Ergonomic Lift Handles