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Rimage DVD and CD printers have always been on the leading edge of disc printing technology. When Rimage first came out with the Prism printer, they set the standard that other disc manufacturers would follow. Rimage has since come out with the Everest, which has such a beautiful print quality that once seen, users don’t go back to inkjet or silkscreen. The Rimage Prism is available in standalone and automated versions. The Prism uses the same thermal print technology found in barcode printers, using heat to place a wax or resin print on the disc surface. The print is durable and cost-effective. The Prism has a "ribbon saver" feature, in which the ribbon advances only when an area is printed. So, if you're printing a single line of text on a disc, your cost per print can go down to just pennies.

When the Rimage Everest printer first came out, many users thought the high-quality print and cost per print would place it out of reach of everyday users. With the development of the Everest and its consumables, the cost per print has come down, and it now is cheaper per disc than most inkjet printers. When our clients see their artwork on an Everest print they rarely go back to inkjet or any other print method. Like the Prism, the Everest comes in both standalone and automated models.

One nice feature of Rimage printers is that they can print right from your graphic application. We recommend Adobe Photoshop for Rimage Everest printing, as the print engines used by Rimage closely match the Adobe drivers, creating the best possible color matching.

Upgrading Windows? Make sure your Rimage printers are compatible!

Before your office makes the switch to Windows 7, you should consider that Rimage Everest III and Rimage PrismPlus printers are not compatible with Windows 7.

The good news is that the current generation of Rimage printers, the Rimage Everest Encore and the Rimage Prism III both support Windows 7.

For more information on upgrading your Rimage systems, click here to view our Rimage Windows 7 page, or call us at 1.888.987.6334.