Rimage Medical Disc Device

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Rimage Medical Disc Devices are designed to meet today's high standards and medical requirements. These powerful, industrial-grade solutions are engineered for unattended and round-the-clock operation and integrate seamlessly with most PACS or medical imaging and information systems all over the world. They are the best DICOM CD/DVD production systems available to minimize costs. This is a medical product used in hospital integrations only

The Rimage MDD 2450 is a compact, high-performance system for automatically burning and printing patient data to CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs™ (BDs). With easy set up, reliable automation and permanent direct-to-disc printing, the MDD 2450 benefits system integrators, health care providers and patients.

We Recommend

Rimage Maintenance Agreements
Maximize your ROI and minimize downtime when quick problem resolution is a must. With our range of skilled technicians and industry-leading support services, Rimage has a maintenance plan that meets your needs.

Rimage Media Kits
Get reliable, uninterrupted performance from your 2450 system. With optimized print ribbons and discs, Media Kits give you the best-looking, longest-lasting results in one convenient and affordable package

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