Nexcopy USB-C Duplicators

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Nexcopy USB-C Duplicators

Nexcopy makes data loading to flash memory a simple process, and its line of USB-C duplicators are no exception. As Nexcopy's premier authorized reseller, Media Supply can help identify the Nexcopy USB-C duplicator that meets your requirements, at the best prices, and provides excellent customer care throughout and after the purchase process.

Nexcopy offers a variety of USB-C Duplicator systems, with unique features and capacities, which means that there is a system that meets your needs for functionality, capacity, and price. Nexcopy's PC-based duplicators use Nexcopy's exclusive Drive Manager software which has advanced features and functions not available on other USB-C duplicators.

Choose a Nexcopy PC-based USB-C duplicator if doing network setups, unique data streaming, data extraction, and file copy functions, or copying from master image (.img) files is a requirement. Nexcopy PC-based systems USB-C duplicators are excellent for copying boot code, partition tables and data.

Nexcopy manufactures its line of USB-C duplicators to be durable for industrial and heavy-use commercial applications, fast, user-friendly, and feature rich. Nexcopy USB-C duplicator models range from 20 target to 60 target systems. With many laptop and desktop computer manufacturers opting not to include optical drives, USB flash drives have become a main stream medium for data distribution, interchange, and storage. Due to the universal acceptance of USB technology and lower prices in the flash memory market, the USB stick drive is an excellent option for distributing content to employees and customers. With Nexcopy USB-C duplicators, data loading to hundreds or thousands of USB-C drives in no longer an obstacle.