Nexcopy 20 Target Secure Digital [SD] Duplicator - PC Based

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Nexcopy SD Card Duplicator - 20 Target

CD? DVD? USB? Make way for SD, the secure digital memory storage card used almost universally by makers of digital cameras, cell phones, personal digital assistants and other micro memory-storage devices. Nexcopy now offers a device that will load your data on up to 20 SD memory cards at a time. Distribute your data quickly and easily with SD flash memory.

Nexcopy systems now include a bulk CID reader feature!
If you use card ID numbers (CIDs) for software security and authentication, you need Nexcopy. Nexcopy's SD and microSD systems include a bulk CID reader that allows you to view and export CIDs to a .csv file for easy processing.

The Nexcopy SD card duplicator features a small footprint with PC based user friendly software interface and powerful copy features capable of copying at maximum data transfer speeds.

Download Informational Flyer (PDF)

  • Copies to 20 Secure Digital media cards
  • Supports miniSD and microSD card adapters
  • Operating Environment: PC Based
  • Copies all Audio / Video / Data
  • Power: Auto detects 120 / 240
  • Weight 6.8 lbs / 3.08 kg
  • Dimensions LxWxH (mm) 220 x 200 x 130
PC Requirements:
  • 1.8 Dual Core Processor or better
  • 1GB RAM - 2GB RAM
  • Windows XP (SP 2+) or Windows 7 32/64
  • Two USB 2.0 High Speed Ports
  • Windows .NET Installed
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