Nexcopy microSD Card Duplicators

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Nexcopy microSD Duplicators

Nexcopy makes data loading to flash memory a simple process, and its line of microSD duplicators are no exception. As Nexcopy's premier authorized reseller, Media Supply can help identify the Nexcopy microSD duplicator that meets your requirements, at the best prices, and provides excellent customer care throughout and after the purchase process.

Nexcopy offers a variety of microSD Duplicator systems, with different features and capacities, which means that there is a system that meets your needs for functionality, capacity, and price. Nexcopy's PC-based duplicators use Nexcopy's exclusive Drive Manager software which has advanced features and functions not available on other microSD duplicators. Nexcopy's standalone systems are engineered for ultra-fast, high speed performance, copying gigabytes of data quickly and accurately.

Which Nexcopy microSD Duplicator do I Need?

Nexcopy microSD Duplicators fall into two categories: Standalone and PC-based.

  • Choose a Nexcopy PC-based microSD duplicator if reading CID numbers from microSD cards, doing unique data streaming and file copy functions, or copying from master image (.img) files is a requirement.
  • Choose a Nexcopy standalone microSD duplicator if you prefer speed over advanced features. Nexcopy's standalone systems are engineered specifically for speed, copying from a physical microSD master, and do not require software or a PC-connection.
  • Both Nexcopy PC-based systems and Nexcopy Standalone microSD duplicators are binary copiers, and excellent for copying boot code, partition tables and data.

Nexcopy manufactures its line of microSD duplicators to be durable for industrial and heavy-use commercial applications, fast, user-friendly, and feature rich. Nexcopy microSD duplicator models range from 15 target to 60 target systems, with up to 1GB per minute data transfer speeds to all sockets. Secure Digital memory is the leading flash storage medium for embedded applications which require large capacities, and microSD cards are ideal for applications where space is a primary concern. Applications like as deployment of firmware on hand-held devices, mobile phones, drones, GPS units and telecommunication devices all benefit from the small size and large storage capacity of microSD cards. With Nexcopy microSD duplicators, data loading to hundreds or thousands of microSD cards in no longer an obstacle. With the growing number of applications where microSD media is required, the Nexcopy microSD Duplicators are an essential tool for corporations and government agencies.