MediaPro Silver Thermal Lacquer CD-R - 100 Pack (Tape Wrap)

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MediaPro Silver Lacquer Thermal CD-R
100 disc pack/600 disc carton
80 minute/700mb capacity, 52x burn speed
Rimage Prism and screen printable

Value is value-priced and works great. You'll love these discs.

  • The price includes ground shipping.
  • Reliable with a crystal-clean top surface.
  • Perfect for Audio and Data jobs
  • Print on them or use a Sharpie. It's up to you.
  • Holds up to 80 minutes of music or 700 MB of data.
  • Guaranteed to work in your recorder.

Media Supply is proud to offer our MediaPro brand silver lacquer blank CDs. With MediaPro, you'll get quality blank CDs at our best prices. Oftentimes, when you're looking to cut your costs on blank CDs, the manufacturer cuts corners. That's not how we do things at Media Supply. MediaPro blank CDs will reliably copy and print with your equipment, and will reliably work for your customers in the field. If you're looking for a product with a 500-year archive life, or if you work with someone who scrutinizes every printed disc and tends to hit the panic button when you change products, this might not be the right product for you. But if you need a dependable, low-cost blank CD, you've found it.

MediaPro silver lacquer blank CDs are a low-cost option for individuals and organizations of all sizes. Small quantities start at an aggressive price for home users, independent photographers, and other organizations with low-volume demand. At the same time, businesses and duplication houses that require large quantities of blank CDs love MediaPro's unbeatable bulk discounts. Whether you purchase 100 or 100,000, MediaPro delivers a professional-grade blank CD, for excellent burns and playback, backed by Media Supply's replacement guarantee.

This CD-R disc will hold up to 80 minutes of audio or up to 700 MB of data and will burn at up to 52x speed. It features a silver lacquer top surface that is printable with the Rimage Prism printer, as well as other similar thermal printers that use a film ribbon. It will also work with screen printers. This CD is not intended for use with the Rimage Everest and other retransfer printers.

Buy Media Supply's MediaPro silver lacquer blank CDs for exceptional performance and great value. Click the "Add to Cart" button or call 888.987.6334 to place your order!

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