MediaPro Premium Blank CDs

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MediaPro Premium Blank CDs

Media Supply's line of premium-grade blank CD-Rs provide superior performance at lower prices than other premium brands!

MediaPro Premium blank CDs are better than our standard MediaPro discs, and most other blank CDs. We manufacture MediaPro Premium CD-Rs using premium Azo recording dye for optimum storage life and read/write performance. Available with the shiny silver lacquer, white inkjet, and white thermal printable top surfaces used in professional print and duplication shops, MediaPro Premium CDs offer lower prices on premium, A-grade blank CDs, and quality that matches or exceeds other premium brands, like JVC/Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, and FalconMedia.

For top quality blank discs and low prices, order MediaPro Premium blank CDs from Media Supply. Questions about MediaPro blank discs? Send us an email or give us a call at 800-944-4237.