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MediaPro Blank CDs and DVDs - Value Priced

MediaPro Blank CDs

Save money with Media Supply's line of value priced blank CDs!

MediaPro is Media Supply's own line of blank CDs and DVDs. We developed MediaPro in response to our customers' demands for professional grade blank CDs at the lowest possible prices. Media Supply's customers are a discerning and savvy bunch, so it wasn't as simple as providing a bargain price on blank CDs - they have to work, and work well! MediaPro blank CDs meet our customers' expectations for quality, and will reliably print, burn and playback, whether you use a professional, high-capacity publisher or your desktop computer and inkjet printer.

MediaPro blank CDs will meet your needs and cut your costs. Available with silver lacquer thermal, white inkjet and white thermal print surfaces, there's a MediaPro product that will work with your disc printing and publishing equipment. Because MediaPro is our own brand, we're able to offer low prices on single packs, as well as our best bulk discounts on case quantities.

For quality blank CDs and low prices, order MediaPro blank CDs from Media Supply. Questions about MediaPro blank CDs? Send us an email or give us a call at 800-944-4237.