Low Cost Blank DVDs

Low Cost DVDs from Media Supply

At Media Supply, "low cost" doesn't simply mean selling the cheapest discs out there. Think of all the bad prints, bad burns and failures in the field you get from the cheap media--combine the expense of replacing and reshipping the failures with the credibility you lose with your clients, and these inferior discs cost you a small fortune. Cheap discs that don't work consistently cost you much more than quality discs! That's why we don't sell them.

At Media Supply, "low cost" means offering our customers a proven product that works, at a great price. This page features some of our lower priced DVD-Rs.

If you need any help selecting the product that will best meet your individual needs, feel free to contact us via the Live Support link towards the top left corner of the page, send us an email or call 1-800-944-4237.

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