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Inkjet Disc Printers from Media Supply

Inkjet disc printers make it easy and economical to apply custom labels and artwork to CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs. Media Supply has inkjet disc printers to fit any organization's needs and budget.

Direct to disc printing with inkjet disc printers offers many advantages over labeling with markers or adhesive labels:

  • Inkjet disc printers print directly on the surface of the disc, saving you the time and hassle of applying adhesive labels.
  • Inkjet disc printers give your discs a much more professional appearance than adhesive labels. No more off-center or crinkled labels!
  • Discs printed with inkjet printers will work better than discs with adhesive labels
    • Many markers contain toxic solvents that can ruin a disc over time (especially CDs)
    • Adhesive labels can affect playback or the ability to eject discs in some standalone players
    • Over time, adhesive labels can warp and start to pull away from the disc. This can lead to discs getting stuck in and/or ruining slot-load drives, and affect the integrity of the information stored on the disc
  • Inkjet disc printers' consumables (discs and ink cartridges) can actually cost less than than the expense of labeling with adhesive labels (discs, label stock and ink).

Take advantage of the professional look, ease and convenience of inkjet disc printing. Call Media Supply at 1-800-944-4237 and speak to our experts about what printing solution is right for you!