Falcon Media Blank Dual Layer DVD+R - 8.5GB, 8x SmartWhite Inkjet Hub Printable - Carton of 300

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FalconMedia 8.5GB 8x SmartWhite Inkjet Hub Printable Dual Layer DVD+R
Caron of 300 Discs (Six packs of 50)

"SmartWhite Inkjet" means better ink absorption for fast drying, vibrant images with crisp detail and lower ink consumption!

Falcon SmartWhite Inkjet
FalconMedia's SmartWhite Inkjet DVD+R DL offer great value to Media Supply's customers. You'll get beautiful, uniform labels on your DVDs from your inkjet disc printer or publisher, you'll get consistently good copies, and you'll get them at a great price! FalconMedia Blank DVDs are professional AAA grade media, manufactured using premium Japanese materials and technology. Falcon DVD-Rs combine high-performance 8X speed, excellent compatibility and consistent quality, resulting in reliable and durable media for professional and home use.
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FalconMedia SmartWhite Inkjet is the professional's smart choice. The SmartWhite inkjet layer offers a revolutionary surface with universal characteristics that work perfectly on all inkjet disc printers and publishers, including models from Epson, Microboards, Primera and Rimage. The white inkjet layer is consistent across the entire disc, so there is no inner-radius shading near the hub. The thick ink layer formula features high ink absorption with quick drying times, resulting in superb, vibrant, full-color images with crisp, clear details. This is achieved with less ink consumption than competing inkjet products. Using optimal printer settings, you can use up to 20% less ink without noticeably affecting the print results. FalconMedia SmartWhite Inkjet media is an optimized, professional media, which meets the highest industry standards, ensuring consistent quality, surface uniformity and flawless printing and handling on automated duplication systems.

For beautiful, uniform prints from your inkjet printer at the best price, get Falcon SmartWhite Inkjet dual layer DVD+Rs from Media Supply. Click the "Add to Cart" button above, or call 1-800-944-4237 to place your order!

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