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Moving to Windows 7? Make sure your Rimage printers are compatible!

Before your office makes the switch to Windows 7, you should consider that Rimage Everest III and Rimage PrismPlus printers are not compatible with Windows 7.

The good news is that the current generation of Rimage printers, the Rimage Everest Encore and the Rimage Prism III both support Windows 7.

For more information on upgrading your Rimage systems, click here to view our Rimage Windows 7 page, or call us at 800-944-4237 and select option 2.

Rimage Media Kits from MediaSupply offer superior performance and exceptional convenience at a competitive price!

Rimage Everest and Prism Thermal DVD & CD Printing Solutions

Things are happening at Rimage. The Rimage 3410 & 5410N are here! Check out the details on our Rimage Professional page. The 3410 is available at a price below $7000, and includes an Everest printer. The 5410N gives you the same publishing & network tools of a 7100N & 8100N at a price starting at $11950.

Media Supply is best source for Rimage printing solutions, from the incredibly colorful Rimage Everest Encore DVD & CD Printer to the durable and cost effective Rimage PrismPlus DVD & CD Printer.

It's often difficult to decide which is the best disc printer for your needs. When weighing the pros and cons of each, it's important to consider print quality, speed, throughput and cost per disc. The Everest and Prism disc printers featured on this page differ from inkjet technology in that the ink is not applied directly to the disc surface in tiny droplets but applied with heat from ink resins on a ribbon. These printers offer a more permanent, lower print cost than inkjet disc printers

The Rimage Everest uses thermal retransfer technology. A reverse image is printed from the black and color ribbons onto the transfer ribbon. The transfer ribbon is then applied to the special Everest DVD or Everest CD surface. The result is a protective, permanent, stunning full-color photo quality print that will please you and impress your clients.

If low cost per print is important to you and one color, monochrome printing will do for your applications, the Prism Printer may be your best choice. Some of our most artistically pleasing work has been done with monochrome ink placed on a shiny silver surface CD or DVD. Your PrismPlus Disc Printer will will print a full coverage disc in less than 10 seconds for under 4 cents each! Now that's stunning!