MediaPro Premium Silver Thermal Lacquer CD-R - 100 Pack (Spindle)

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MediaPro Premium Silver Lacquer Thermal CD-R - 100 pack
80 minute/700mb capacity, 52x burn speed
Rimage Prism and screen printable

Premium-brand quality, comparable to JVC/Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim, and FalconMedia, at Media Supply's low prices!

Why did we develop our MediaPro Premium line of blank CDs? There were a number of reasons, but two factors really stand out. The first factor was the massive changes taking place in the media manufacturing business these days, most notably, Taiyo Yuden/JVC's decision to stop optical media production at the end of 2015. With some manufacturers leaving the business, and others selling their names or technology to other (sometimes less reputable) manufacturers, we wanted the ability to offer our customers a line of premium, high-quality discs that they could depend on, that wouldn't be affected by changes in the industry. The second factor was the success of our standard MediaPro line. Turns out, people like getting low prices on great products, and we applied that same philosophy to our MediaPro Premium discs.

What makes these CD-Rs premium-grade blank media?

Premium Cyanine Dye Recording Layer
Premium Cyanine recording dye technology enhances read, write, and playback reliability and performance. Cyanine dye also protects against data loss due to ultraviolet light exposure better than other recording dyes, improving the archival storage life of MediaPro Premium CD-Rs.

Professional Shiny Silver Lacquer Top-Surface
Superior materials and consistent manufacturing make these MediaPro Premium CD-Rs ideal for use with professional automated disc printers, like the Rimage Prism, and silk screen printers, as well as most consumer-grade thermal disc printers that use a film ribbon.

This CD-R disc will hold up to 80 minutes of audio or up to 700mb of data and will burn at up to 52x speed. It features a silver lacquer top surface that is printable with the Rimage Prism printer, as well as other similar thermal printers that use a film ribbon. It will also work with screen printers. This CD is not intended for use with the Rimage Everest and other retransfer printers.

Buy Media Supply's MediaPro Premium silver lacquer blank CDs for superior performance and great value. Click the "Add to Cart" button or call 800.987.6334 to place your order!

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