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Verbatim Blank Discs

Verbatim CD Media, DVD Media and Dual Layer DVD+R Supplies

Verbatim blank media is a great value, due to its expert engineering, high quality print surfaces and low price. Verbatim's parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical, delivers the top-notch engineering responsible for the high recording quality of Verbatim's blank media. Mitsubishi is one of the largest chemical companies in the world, and they take the manufacturing of Verbatim discs very seriously. They focus their attention on developing superior dye material and bonding agents, the keys to building professional-grade media. Verbatim was the first company to take real steps in making and testing archival-grade DVD media. Verbatim dye material is so finely tuned that it's not affected by light in the atmosphere, while it's still sensitive to the light in the laser of your recorder.

Verbatim CD-Rs features Verbatim's exclusive "Super Azo" recording dye. The "Super Azo" dye records and plays beautifully. It also has excellent sensitivity to drive laser light, while remaining resistant to damage from atmospheric light.

Verbatim DVD-Rs also demonstrate Verbatim's superior engineering. Since a DVD-R is really two discs bonded together, the quality of the bonding agent in a DVD is a critical, but often an overlooked, aspect in the manufacture of good DVD discs. If the bonding agent breaks down over time, or crumbles due to an impact on the disc, the disc is left unreadable. Verbatim has engineered its media to virtually eliminate issues caused by light and boding agents.

Verbatim is also the leader in the production of DVD+R Dual Layer (DVD+R DL)media. In terms of reliability, no other manufacturer has anything comparable to Verbatim's dual layer DVD. Verbatim's inkjet and thermal dual layer is not only the standard, but really the only viable option in DVD DL media.

Verbatim's print surfaces are finely tuned by Mitsubishi Chemical's engineers to work with the most common and obscure print technologies available today. Verbatim has developed a reliable Everest printable media, as well as quality inkjet discs.

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