Rimage Everest 400/600 CMY II Color Ribbon Quantity: 5 Pack

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Rimage Everest 400/600 CMY II Color Ribbon
Pack of 5 Ribbons

Rimage's Everest CMY II ribbon is the next generation of thermal printer ribbon for the Everest 400 and 600 printers. Rimage designed the ribbon to increase disc compatibility through improved adhesion to the CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc surface. The CMY II ribbon also prints truer shades of blue and purple than its predecessor.

The Everest 400/600 Color (CMY) Three Color Ribbon is the ribbon you need to use the Rimage 600 or 400 DVD/CD printer to its maximum capability. Rimage has improved upon the already fine quality of Everest II or III with the Rimage Everest 400/600 printers.

All Everest 400/600 ribbons have fixed yields which result in predictable cost per print and predictable print outputs. No more guessing on when consumables will need replacing. Rimage systems keep track of the remaining print yield and communicate the results to operators throughout the printing process.

Predictable print yields also result in consistent cost per printed disc. When quoting customers for printed media, or budgeting for production, costs are known and consistent, due to predictable print yields for each ribbon type and single formulations of each media type.

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