Rimage White Thermal Everest Hub Printable DVD-R in Shrink Wrap - Powered by TY - Bulk Pack (500 Discs)

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Rimage White Thermal Everest Hub Printable DVD-R
Powered by TY

Quantity: 500 discs - carton of five 100-disc tape-wrapped packs
Capacity: 4.7GB
Burn Speed:16x

What does "Powered by TY" mean?"

"Powered by TY" means that these DVDs are made using Taiyo Yuden's premium recording dye and manufacturing technologies. Developed in Japan, Taiyo Yuden's dye and manufacturing process made Taiyo Yuden recordable discs the best blank DVDs you could buy. These Rimage-Powered by TY blank DVDs employ these same technologies, making them high-quality, premium-grade blank discs for superior burn, read, and playback performance. Also, these are the same blank DVDs that Rimage includes in their Powered by TY Everest Media Kits, so they are optimized for Rimage Everest printing, and Rimage autoloaders.

In short, "Powered by TY" means that you're getting an awesome blank DVD!

Rimage, manufacturer of the industry-leading Everest thermal retransfer disc printer, brings you this premium 16x DVD-R white thermal hub printable disc, powered by TY technology. Taiyo Yuden is the company that invented the CD-R, and its dye and manufacturing technology fuel this premium 16x DVD-R white thermal Everest hub printable disc. Rimage Powered by TY DVDs are ideal for users looking to eliminate errors at burn time and playback; these discs are built to the highest specifications. At Media Supply, the words "Powered by TY" signify problem-free burning, virtually universal playback compatibility, and high-quality print surfaces.

These blank DVDs have a white thermal hub printable Everest top surface, giving you a maximum amount of print area. They have a recording speed of 16x and a holding capacity of 4.7GB of data. This product is designed to work in a Rimage Everest printer. This product is not recommended for screen printing.

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