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Rimage Producer V 8300 Series (no embedded PC - PC required)
Robust and Reliable, Engineered for Performance

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Windows 10 Models

Model Number




8300 w/ Everest Encore Printer - 4 DVD/CD Drives



8300 w/ Everest Encore Printer - 4 Blu-ray Drives



8300 w/ Prism Printer - 4 DVD/CD Drives



8300 w/ Prism Printer - 4 Blu-ray Drives


The standard for reliable and feature-rich Disc Publishing Systems.

The next generation Rimage Producer V 8300 Series is the industry's leading solution for on-demand disc production. With four front-swappable recorders for CD, DVD or Blu-ray recording, combined with the finest disc printer and automation, the Rimage 8300 is the standard for professional disc publishers all over the globe. All those photo discs you get from major retailers, custom discs you receive from large online retailers and phone bills on disc your company receives, they all are published on Rimage Producers. New advanced features such as SSD startup and HDD cache, combined with powerful enhancements like filtered positive air flow and front removable hard drives, bring unrivaled performance and quality to your enterprise.

Key Producer V 8300 Features:

  • Four quick-release front-swappable recorders
  • Filtered positive airflow for optimal performance in all conditions
  • Front removable hard drives
  • 400-disc input capacity
  • 100 disc external output bin
  • Network connectivity
  • Front USB Port
  • Integrated DiscWatch status light

The Benefits of Filtered Positive Airflow

The 8300's filtered positive air flow system offers reliability in environments where dust or debris in the air would normally cripple sensitive robotic systems. The system's fan pulls air for cooling into the system through a commonly available filter, increasing air pressure inside the system and stopping nearly all dust and dirt that could get inside. Due to the increased air pressure, the system actively pushes out air, preventing debris from entering the equipment through system vents.

Filtered Positive Airflow:

  • Reduces the frequency of cleaning and maintenance
  • Prevents wear and tear on components, extending its life and reliability
  • Improves print quality by keeping dust and debris out of the system's printer
  • Reduces the chances of downtime due to maintenance and repairs
Click here for more information on the advantages of Rimage systems' filtered positive airflow.

Control Centers

The Rimage Producer V 8300 is available in 6 Configurations (see chart), and does not include an embedded control center.

The Producer V 8300 does not include an embedded PC, so users can configure their own PC to fit the unique requirements of their IT environment. Click here to review Rimage's external computer specifications to ensure successful performance, or consider the Producer V 8300N, which includes an embedded PC configured to Rimage specifications.

Drive Configurations

Rimage Producer V 8300 Series systems are available in two drive configurations, designed to match your production requirement:

  • 4 DVD/CD Recorder Drives
  • 4 Blu-ray Recorder Drives

Printing Options:

  • Everest Encore Printers for full color or monochrome printing at 600 dpi print resolution
  • Prism Printers for high speed monochrome printing


You can download Rimage's current Producer V specifications at any time here.

Rimage Producer V Software

Each Rimage system includes a full set of software used to:
  • Create unique artwork for each disc
  • Submit new or saved jobs for printing and recording
  • Control system operation
  • Monitor production of one or a number of Rimage systems
  • Create custom applications

CD Designer

CD Designer provides users the ability to create, import, and customize graphics to be printed on your disc surface.

Features include:

  • Simple drag-and-drop operation
  • Add graphics, text, objects, and photos from almost any source
  • Supports mail merge options from external data files
  • Includes examples and templates


QuickDisc (Windows) allows operators to assemble and submit projects to their Rimage system.

Features include:

  • Simple drag-and-drop operation
  • Supports CD, DVD, and Blu-ray Disc printing and recording
  • Prepare, submit, schedule and monitor job status
  • Save projects for use in the future

Production Server

Production Server enables asynchronous control of recording, printing and robotic movements, plus the staging of projects.

Additional Features:

  • Includes a log file to monitor jobs in process, pending jobs, completed jobs, and canceled jobs
  • Enables the bulk read feature which allows multiple discs to read and be saved automatically
  • Allows job streaming of projects for increased throughput

Rimage System Manager (RSM)

Rimage System Manager provides access to all Rimage systems on the network, allowing one operator to control multiple Rimage systems from anywhere on the network.

Software Developer Kits (SDK)

The Rimage Software Developer Kit includes the APIs (Application Programming Interface) and information needed to create custom applications and control any Rimage system. The Rimage SDK is the most robust SDK in its class. It provides a Rapid API and Web Services to develop any application easily. Rimage's staff of software engineers are available to help you integrate the Rimage with your current equipment, so you can use your Producer V with your web server, storage device or any in-house network.

Rimage Producer V Service Options

Rimage support services are designed to accommodate the unique needs of our customers and provide the utmost in mission critical performance and dependability.

All rapid exchange agreements include:

  • Priority Technical Support phone service
  • Factory-certified replacement components and next-day delivery
  • Free software maintenance
  • Free on-line support

Rapid Exchange Plus Agreements

For customers who depend on daily disc publishing, Rimage Rapid Exchange Plus Agreements provide next-day delivery of replacement components, or a complete
system - whatever it takes to keep your production operational. Media Supply has found the Rimage Rapid Exchange Plus Warranty to be the best value of any warranty program we offer, from any vendor. There is not a more cost effective way to guarantee you have limited downtime.

Rapid Exchange Plus agreements include:

  • Same day shipment of replacement Autoloaders or Printers, ordered before 2 PM CT.
  • Direct access to our technical call center providing online technical troubleshooting and diagnostics.
  • Next Business Day Exchange Equipment freight, repair labor, and all parts expense (excluding consumables and print heads). Customer pays ground freight on returning system.
  • Factory Certified, inspected and quality tested replacement autoloaders and printers.
  • Software updates providing the latest Software Features.
  • Same day email/online support.
  • Due to customer installed software and internal components, the Rimage Control Center will be repaired at the Rimage factory as an expedited repair.

Phone Support

Rimage Phone Support includes business hours phone support for operator-level questions and service.

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