Rimage Maestro USB Flash Drive Publishers

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Rimage Maestro USB Flash Drive Publishers

The next generation of USB flash drive production, Maestro is the first fully automated USB system for printing and recording in the market from Rimage. Engineered for reliable robust performance with industrial grade robotics, Maestro meets the world's most challenging digital content demands for USB technology. Advanced features such as flexible memory and case size options combine with our new software suite bring you unrivaled performance and quality.

Superb Printing
Maestro systems have the world's best full-color thermal printers, providing top of the line printing and industrial-grade production in one robust package.

Same-day turnaround
Designed to scale from single USBs that are each 100% unique up to producing hundreds of customizable USBs per day, Maestro systems allow you to deliver custom-tailored USBs for any use. Automated robotics and a powerful software interface combine to allow automated production, integrating into your workflow to save you time and money.

Powerful performance
By utilizing a modular approach, the Maestro can allow production of up to four different capacity and speed data modules and up to two sizes of cases at once. With a 100 cart input capacity and up to a 200 card output capacity standard, Maestro systems offer flexibility. The reliable Rimage robotics are designed to output USBs continuously for years.

Two Models Available

EMB - Embedded PC
NBD - Non-Embedded Computer
Non-embedded model that connects via USB to customer provided computer

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