Manual DVD OmniTower Duplicators w/500GB HDD

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Manual CD & DVD OmniTowers duplicators w/500GB Hard Drives

Great for Audio Duplication, these fast manual CD & DVD duplicators feature a 500GB HDD to virtually eliminate pops & clicks from your copies. How do they do it? When you copy audio discs from disc to disc on a Manual duplicator you expose the master disc's flaws, like fingerprints or scratches. These flaws on the disc can make a good master disc bad, and even the highest quality manual duplicator will potentially create a disc with an error based on that flaw. Effectively your making a great copy of a bad master. Using a copy of a master for a duplication master? Then imagine using a photo copier to make a copy that you then use as a master copy. Every copy moving forward will have be less in quality. By loading your master audio file to the Hard Drive you eliminate the constant handling of your masters, but upon read-in you're able to isolate problematic masters, as they will fail copying to the HDD. Burning from the HDD will deliver a consistent data signal to your recorders and provide you with excellent, error free copies.

Looking for an inexpensive duplicator and don't do much professional audio? Check out line of Manual OmniTower Duplicators with no HDDs.

For more information on the Media Supply OmniTower Manual duplicating tower, or to place an order, contact the duplicator experts at Media Supply. Email us or call 1-800-944-4237 and select option 2.