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CD/DVD Packaging and Accessories

Media Supply has every type of DVD or CD packaging you might need to get your job done right. We have a full line of DVD packaging like Jewel Cases, DVD boxes, disc shells and mailers, available in ways that protect your discs, make them lighter to ship or make your artwork stand out. Many of our customers are making the switch from bulky, breakable jewel cases to more versatile and durable disc shells.

TrimPaks and DiscSavers are both durable, one-piece plastic CD cases, constructed of durable polypropylene, which is a fraction of the thickness and weight of the standard jewel case. They are impact-resistant, allowing added disc protection during shipping that jewel cases and paper sleeves don't provide.

Media Supply has every configuration of DVD boxes or "Amaray Boxes" you can think of, from single disc cases in black to multiple disc cases.

Media Supply also carries disc sleeves and mailers, made from paperboard, paper and Tyvek. Tyvek sleeves are dust free, a lightweight solution for protecting your discs in storage or in a disc mailer. Tyvek is a Dupont product which you probably know from the housewraps on new homes. Tyvek won’t scratch your discs like paper sleeves might and is lighter in weight, which results in lower mailing costs, when sending out of large numbers of discs.

Don't see the disc case you need? Give us a call at 800-944-4237, we can accommodate most special requests!